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Early on in my career, I realized the need for a unique type of architect whose design mentality catered to hunters, shooters and outdoorsmen. Each time I had the chance to visit a farm, lodge or hunting resort, I’d find the space was not designed to accommodate all the hunting gear I’d brought along. Even after staying in a beautiful lodge, I’d leave my weekend hunting trip frustrated because I’d never have room to unload all of my gear.

That frustration turned into a passionate career for me. With architectural design experience in other industries like golf resorts, country clubs and luxury hotels, I decided to use my knowledge and skill to design sophisticated, yet functional hunting lodges, shooting facilities and plantation homes for fellow outdoorsmen and their families. This allowed me to practice at a level of quality and luxury that many seek when looking for the ultimate hunting lodge “escape.”

Another aspect of a quality escape is that it can be capitalized on year round. While my designs are catered to the outdoorsmen and hunters, I also design with the commercial lodge owner in mind. With every design decision, I consider that the project may be used for parties, weddings, business meetings and reunions. All of which call for a beautiful escape.

My designs incorporate elegance and nature with experienced craftsmanship. I can assist in all facets of the project and tailor my design and fee to your budget and location. My goal is simple—create a timeless escape that is relaxing, sophisticated and functional. The final product is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s a reflection of you.

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